How to bulk update agent(s) on customers

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In the following video you will be showed how to add, update or remove an agent from your customers in bulk mode.

  1. Go to your customer list
  2. Use filters to finde the customers you want to update ie. per country, customer group or current agent
  3. Set checkmarks in the customers you want to update
  4. Click on the 'Action' button and select 'Bulk update data'
  5. Select 'Agents'
  6. Select the agent(s) you either want to: 
    1. Remove from the customers
    2. Change from current added agent(s) to the selected
    3. Add as and extra agent(s) to the customers *
  7. Click update

*If you select option 3 then you need to specify which agent should be the Primary agent of the customer