How to create a order draft

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It's possible to create order draft's in Traede - Be aware that this only applies to all order modules. If your order module doesn't look like the video, feel free to reach out to support. 

To access B2B orders, navigate to the Sales section. Click on "B2B orders" from the menu.

To initiate a new order, click on "+ New order" located in the top right corner. Locate the desired customer for whom you want to create an order draft. 

Click on "Start new order". Proceed to create the order as you normally would, ensuring that you click on 'Save now' to save the changes that you've made. 

Once the 'Save now' button is clicked, the order will be automatically saved as a draft.

To locate the draft order, return to the B2B order page and look for the 'Draft' column at the top. You will find the order you just created in this section.

You can now send the order confirmation to your customer. Feel free to modify the subtitle and the body of the email to indicate that it is a draft. Once your customer confirms the order, go back to the draft and click on "Approve order"

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