Order selections (brand guide)

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1. Start with an order that has status "Draft"

2. Click "Save as Selection"



3. The order is now saved as a selection and a warning will appear at the top of the screen. The warning describes whether or not the selection is open for editing by the customer themselves. If the selection is not editable all changes have to go through you. See under "Changing default customer access setting" for how to change the default access.

4. To make change for this specific order click "Change customer access"



5. You now have multiple options. You can either just Lock or Open the order for editing by activating the "Override" checkbox and then selecting what you want to do.

6. You can also let the selection be open for editing, but lock after a certain date. To do this simply enter a date in "Allow editing until"



7. Traede keeps track of when the customer opens a selection for editing in the B2B webshop. We will record it on the order, but we will also send you an email notification. You can turn off the email notification in your email settings



Changing default customer access setting

You can change the default access setting. Remember this can still be overridden per order. To change the default go to Settings -> Sales. Here you will find the setting "Allow customers to make changes to selections"


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