How to create and archive a drop

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If you want to create a drop go to SalesDrops. Here you will see an overview og all your open/active drops. In order to create a drop press Add new drop up in the right corner, now you will be shown the overview of the drop. 

Youll have to fill out Drop name and Sort order, if you wish you can fill out open from ordering from and to and also expected delivery date from and to - should you choose to setup ordering form and to, you can set it to deactivate automatically. 

The next step is to set it up to who the drop should be visible to, and what restrictions the drop should have. 

  • Only allow buying what is already in stock: Here an order can only be made on the quantity that is in stock at the moment the order is placed. 

  • Only allow buying what is made available from production orders: Here an order can be made with the quantity that is made available from the production order. This would mainly be used if you have production order made that you want to sell ahead from. In this case, it will not be possible to place an order on more than what is made available from the production order. (please see the article made about sell ahead) 

  • Allow buying unlimited: Here an order can be made on an unlimited number of the product, there is no limit. This is often/mostly used when selling preorders. 

The next steps are not mandatory but can be used to set some limitations on the drop that is created. Once everything is as desired, click “Save”. 


In order to “Archive” the drop, go to the drop overview press Edit and find the option Archived and press Save. Once this is done the drop will be found under the tab Archived and is not visible anymore.

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