How to add a drop to a product

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When adding a drop to a product, it can be done in two different ways: either manually or with an import.

How to add it manually:

  1. Go to the product you want to add a drop to.

  2. Press "Edit drops".

  3. Now, you will be able to tick off the variants where you want to add or remove the drop from. Once that is done, press "Save".

How to add it with an import:

  1. Go to "Product" and select "Product list".

  2. Take an export of the products you wish to update. You'll need the item number, SKU, and drop information to perform the update with an import.

  3. Fill out the drop information in the Excel sheet.

  4. You can either send the Excel sheet to the Traede support team or import the update yourself. Please refer to the following guide on how to import/update products. Press here