MailChimp Troubleshooting

If you experiencing any problems with the MailChimp integration, try one of the solutions below.

Why are my customers not synchronizing with MailChimp?

If your customers don't synchronize with MailChimp make sure that you haven't reached your limit in MailChimp with your current plan. Typically you will see a purple warning at the top of your screen when in MailChimp.
If you haven't reached your limit in MailChimp check that the customer has at least one B2B Buyer attached in Traede and that there is a currency selected on the customer as well. You can find the B2B Buyer information under the specific customer in "Details" and currency in "Master Data".


The customer can also use the "Use country default" checkmark in currency, just make sure that you have the currencies set up in your "Country Settings". 

B2B Buyerx2

I have created a Customer Group called "MailChimp Customer" but I don't see it in MailChimp?

The integration with MailChimp will synchronize customers based on currencies and created audiences based on that. Therefore, you won't see your customer groups from Traede as audiences. Instead, you will see an audience called "Traede: DKK" or "Traede: EUR" according to the currencies you have synchronized.

I'm not able to find any information on the company name in MailChimp from the customers I've synchronized?

Traede synchronizes a couple of different customer information into MailChimp. But because there aren't MailChimp's own information you have to toggle the columns in order to see the information.
To do so, simply navigate your way into your contacts of an audience in MailChimp and you will see the dropdown called "Toggle Columns". Click and choose the columns you want to see. The columns coming from Traede has "Traede:" the information ex. Traede: Company name.

MC Toggle Traede