Installing and setting up WooCommerce

Installing the WooCommerce app in Traede
Go to ‘App Store’ and find ‘WooCommerce’

  1. Press ‘Install’
  2. Connect to your WooCoommerce account
    1. Insert your WooCommerce Shop url ie.
    2. Choose the currency your shop is running in ie. DKK
      1. If you run a multi currency web shop set a check mark in the WPML box and choose the currency that your shop runs in
    3. Fill in your Consumer key and Consumer secret > See how in the button of this article
  3. Press ‘Add shop’

The shop should now be visible in your WooCommerce app in Traede

Find Consumer key and secret


Data sync
Product data synchronization

  • Product name
  • Item number (Product SKU WooCommerce)
  • SKU (Variant SKU WooCommerce)*
  • Price: RRP** + B2C offer price

Optional data synchronization

  • Product description
  • Attributes ie. Color and Size
  • Inventory

Product options

  • Simple product
  • Variant 

*If you are creating simple product with only one variant the Traede SKU will be both Product and Variant SKU on the product in WooCommerce 

** RRP needs to be applied to the product otherwise it won’t be synced to WooCommerce

NB! If your products already exist in WooCommerce when you're linking up your Traede account, it is important that all products are updated with correct Product and Variant SKU in WooCommerce before syncing any products otherwise you will have doublets in WooCommerce. You are able to run a data check between your Traede and WooCommerce account by clicking the ‘Data check’ button.

Inventory sync:
Inventory sync will happen every 30 minutes. 

Invoicing a B2C order in Traede*
1. Your B2C order will automatically, if set to, be transferred from WooCommerce to Traede

  1. Find the open shipment for your B2C order under ‘Fulfillment’ and click the pick by button
  2. Fulfill the order
    4. The order will be automatically book in Traede and closed in WooCommerce

    *This only applies if you are manually fulfilling your orders in Traede

Crediting a B2C order 

  1. Find the invoice of the B2C order in Traede
  2. Create a credit note for the product(s) that have to be credited (ie. se our ‘how to create a credit note video) and book the credit note.
    3. Now go to WooCommerce and refund the customer on the order you just credited in Traede

    NB! Unfortunately the Traede/WooCommerce integration is not able to refund the payment on an order in WooCommerce.