Create and register a prepayment

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A prepayment is created based on an order. It can be created manually or automatically based on which settings have been set up.

Create a prepayment

To create a prepayment, navigate to the specific order you want to create the prepayment. Once inside the order follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down and look for the Create prepayment or + Prepayment. This differs based on the order module you're on
  2. Once the prepayment is created, you set up the correct information on the prepayment if any changes are needed


  • Paid Status: If it's paid or not. This changes when payment is registered
  • Payments: Here you can register a new payment or see the registered payments from economic
  • General: Lock the prepayment for changes or save any changes made on the prepayment
  • Amount to be paid: The amount that should be prepaid. Set it manually or it can be set automatically based on your settings
  • Bank account: Which bank account information should be used for the prepayment
  • Documents: Regenerate, open, or download the pdf of the prepayment
  1. When the prepayment is filled out with the correct information click Save details
  2. Now click Send payment confirmation to send the prepayment to the customer

Register a payment

  1. Navigate to the prepayment on the specific order or find it under Sales in the top menu and then choose Prepayment in the dropdown
  2. Click + Register payment in the payment section
  3. Write the amount and a note if applicable

Remember to use punctuation instead of comma if there are decimals in the amount!

  1. Click Register to register the payment

Once payment has been registered, the registered amount will be saved on the order for when the invoice is made. When an invoice is created on the order, the already prepaid amount will be shown in the footer of the invoice and the amount to be paid will also be shown in the footer.


Delete a registered payment

You can delete a registered payment on a prepayment, as long as it has been added manually and not remotely. To do so, navigate to the prepayment and click Delete in the general section.

Delete a prepayment

You can delete a prepayment as long as there are no registered payments on it. To delete a prepayment, navigate to the prepayment and click Delete prepayment in the top right corner.

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