Setting up the ePay app in Traede

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  1. Enable ePay payments for all customers
    - If you check this all retailers in Traede will have access to pay by credit card when placing an order in the B2B webshop
  2. Instant capture
    - Should not be checked. All captures should be made in ePay admin modul (
  3. Allow customers that are required to pay with credit card to choose Invoice or Credit Card payment
  4. Pay before order is created
    - Checking this will mean that when an order is placed in the B2B webshop by a retailer they will be asked to pay right away before the order is accepted.
  5. Credit card icons
    - Choose the payment cards that you accept 
  6. Change payment term on order when paid by credit card
    - If you have a customer how has ie. 8 net when paying by invoice (bank transfer) but on a specific order chooses to pay by credit card then Traede can automatically change the payment term of the order to a different payment term ie. Paid by card



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