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To update a price list in Traede you need to download an excel sheet from a price list and edit this. Once you have edited the sheet, you need to upload it again. Updating the price list can be done on both the product level and variant level.

The rule of thumb for which to choose is when all variants on a product need the same price you update the prices on a product level. If the prices vary on each variant - update the price on a variant level.

  1. To update a price list click Update prices inside the price list
  2. Click download excel sheet to update the prices on a product level
    2.b. Check off the variants checkmark if you want to update prices on a variant level


  1. Open the sheet in excel and update the price in the column you want to update

Don't change the layout, delete columns, sort the columns, or similar in the excel sheet. If doing so the sheet can't be uploaded again.

  1. Save the excel sheet
  2. Reupload the sheet again. Remember to check off variants if the price list is based on a variant level
  3. Once the sheet says Complete, press Update prices to upload the sheet
  4. The prices should now be visible in the price list

Video walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough of the same information as above. Our video walkthroughs might vary slightly from the current visual layout in Traede.

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