03 Updating price list prices

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Updating price list prices happens through Excel. There are 2 ways of doing this

  • At a product level
  • At a variant level

If all variants on your products are going to have the same prices then you do it on the product level, otherwise you do it on a variant level.

To update prices follow these steps:



1. Click the "Update prices" button



2. IMPORTANT: If you want to update prices on product-level make sure "Variants" is unchecked, and if you want to update prices on variant-level make sure "Variants" is checked

After that click the "Download Excel sheet" button



3. IMPORTANT: Do not remove any columns. Traede will be unable to import it again. You have to leave all the columns as they are

Now fill in the prices that you want. 

IMPORTANT: Do not put "0" in Offer price if you dont want an offer price. Putting in 0 will result in putting the product on sale for 0. Instead delete the value in the column to remove offer price



4. Save the Excel sheet and re-upload. Make sure that the "Variants" checkbox is still marked according to the sheet before uploading.



5. You should now see that your prices have been updated