01 Introduction: What are price lists and when to use them

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You can use price lists when you want to add a new set of base prices. The base price, also called the catalogue price, is the price your products have by default. It's the one you set inside the product profil page.

Some times you want to create a new set of prices for certain scenarios. These could be, but not limited to

  • You have some customers with a specific set of prices
  • Your prices are changing in the new season (when doing pre-orders)

Price lists act as a new base price, meaning that customer discounts are still applied to price list prices.

Let's do an example

SKU X has a normal price of 100 EUR

You have created a price list where SKU X has a price of 95 EUR

Customer A has a discount percentage of 10% and is assigned the price list. This means that customer A can purchase SKU X for 95 EUR - 10% = 85.5 EUR