How to make orders through API as a retailer (Retailer guide)

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This guide is a primer for how you can make orders directly in Traede through the API. You will do this using our Order Channels API. Our entire API documentation is available at our Developer Portal However, the following guide is a distilled version that focuses only on making orders as a customer


Get information from the brand

The brand has to make an order channel for you to make orders in. There is a separate guide that they have followed to accomplish this. However, maybe they have forgotten to provide you with the information that you need (this is also described in their guide, so if they forget make them check again). The information that you need is

  • Order channel public ID
  • Your customer number with the brand
  • If the brand sells in drops, and the order channel is not fixed to one drop, then you also need a Drop Code

If you have these 3 pieces of information then you are ready to follow our guide on the Order Channels API. The below video is a small demonstration of how to implement an API call that makes an order in Traede. The video is also available inside the Developer Portal



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