How to make orders through API as a retailer (Brand guide)

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This article is going to focus on order channels, but from the perspective of using them to allow your customers to make orders directly in your Traede account through API.

This can be used to allow for automation on the buy-side. This guide will go through what you (brand) need to do in order to set it up. But it will also include links to guides that you can send to your retailer. We have tried to tailor these guides to make it as easy as possible to get started.


How to create an order channel for retailers to use

When giving retailers API access you have to create an "order channel" for them. The video below goes through the different settings and how to set it up.



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In short you have to create an order channel

  • Make sure it's active
  • Make sure the customers you want to give access can buy in the order channel
  • If you use drops, consider adding a default drop. Also make sure to add "Drop code" on your drops

Send the following information to your customer

  • Send the public ID of the order channel
  • Send their customer number (they probably already have this, but they need it to make orders)
  • If they are making orders on multiple drops then make sure to give them the correct Drop codes
  • Send the following guide: How to make orders through API as a retailer (retailer guide)

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