Install and setup the WooCommerce integration

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It's possible to connect your WooCommerce shop to Traede in order to sync. your B2C order. You can also sync. products however, it's limited what we are able to sync. to WooCommerce. It's also important to note that WooCommerce is an open-source solution, so plug-ins, themes, etc. may disturb the connection to Traede. Most of the time we're unable to assist with such issues. 

To get started with installing the integration follow this guide.

  1. In Traede go to App Store and find WooCommerce integration.
  2. Click Install, choose the Install tab, and then click Install WooCommerce
  3. Now click the Settings ta
  4. Fill out the URL of your WooCommerce e.g.
  5. Select the Currency your shop uses e.g. EUR. (If you run a multi-currency webshop check off WPML and choose all the currencies you have in your shop)
  6. Fill in a consumer key and a consumer secret – these are found in WooCommerce
  7. Press Add shop

This video shows how to find they consumer key and consumer secret


For product sync. there are some data fields we must sync. and some that are optional. Find this information below. When sync. products to WooCommerce, there are two options. Simple and variant. A simple product in WooCommerce doesn't have any variants. A variant product does. 

Must sync. product data synchronization

  • Product name
  • Item number (Product SKU WooCommerce)
  • SKU (Variant SKU WooCommerce)*
  • Price: RRP** + B2C offer price

Optional data synchronization

  • Product description
  • Attributes ie. Color and Size
  • Inventory

*If you are creating a simple product with only one variant the Traede SKU will be both Product and Variant SKU on the product in WooCommerce 
** RRP needs to be applied to the product otherwise it won’t be synced to WooCommerce

If your products already exist in WooCommerce, it is important that all products are updated with the correct Product and Variant SKU in WooCommerce before syncing any products otherwise you will have doublets in WooCommerce. You are able to run a data check between your Traede and WooCommerce accounts by clicking the Data check button in the WooCommerce integration.