Set up your B2B webshop landing page

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It's possible to set up your own unique landing page in the B2B webshop. You can even set up multiple landing pages that are segmented using drops, customer groups, or subbrands. You can drag and size both text and image blocks to fit your preference. To set up the B2B webshop simply follow the steps below. 

Set up the landing page

  1. In Traede, click the Webshop button in the top menu to navigate to your B2B webshop
  2. Now click the Edit layout and pictures button on the frontpage
  3. Click + Add new landing page to create a new landing page
  4. Fill out Label with the name of the pending page e.g. "AW22" or "Main"
  5. To add an image or text, click Add text or Add image
  6. Drag the content square to your preferred size (size dimensions can be found in the right corner of the square)
  7. Click the Pen button to edit the content square
  8. Depending on the content square, fill it out with text or add an image
  9. Click Save once you're done
  10. When you've designed your landing page, click Save again

If you want to delete any of the content squares you have created you can simply click the Cross located next to the pen of each square. When you're ready to activate your landing page for your customers, check off the Active checkbox.




Segmentation and multiple landing pages

You have the option to create multiple landing pages in your B2B webshop. Simply follow the steps above to create another one. Multiple landing pages give you the opportunity to segment landing pages based on drops, customer groups, and subbrands – meaning each of your drops can have a specific drop. E.g. AW22, SS23, Stock, etc. 

If you want to segment a landing page click Edit layout and pictures in your B2B webshop. Select the landing page your want to segment and fill in the data.

  • Drop: Add a drop to make the landing page visible ONLY for that specific drop
  • Subbrand: You can limit the landing page to a specific subbrand e.g. if you are a distributor of multiple brands
  • Customer group: Selecting a customer group will ONLY show the landing page to the customers in that customer group

Select multiple filters from above to narrow down the segmentation. E.g. if you have a main landing page for a specific drop and want another one for a specific customer group – simply select both the drop and customer group filter.