Adding B2C shipping methods

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B2C shipping methods are created differently than B2B methods. This is because the shipping method is not selected in Traede but in your B2C system. The only thing we need to set up in Traede is one single shipping method and then some conversion from the shipping name to the shipping code.

Create the shipping method in Traede

In Traede we create a single shipping method that imports the shipping method from your B2C system.

  1. In Traede choose App Store → Shipments
  2. Choose the tab Shipping methods
  3. Click Add shipping method
  4. Fill out the label with a name e.g. "B2C Shipping"
  5. Choose Shipmondo in the Code type
  6. Check off Parse from remote
  7. Make sure you check off all areas for B2C in Order types

Find the shipping method name in Shopify

We need the name of the shipping method in order to create a conversion in Traede. The shipping method name can be found in Shopify.

  1. In Shopify navigate to SettingsShipping and deliveryManage rates
  2. The second section called Shipping from should contain all your different shipping method names spread across countries

Find the data in Shipmondo

Next, we need to find the correct shipping code and services in Shipmondo.

  1. In Shipmondo choose Settings → API Product and service overview
  2. Choose a sender and receiver country
  3. Select carrier for the shipping method you want to add
  4. And find the shipping method
  5. We need the Code of the shipment and Services

Create conversion methods in Traede

Now we're ready to create a conversion in Traede. You need to navigate to your specific B2C system integration which means either the Shopify or WooCommerce integration.

  1. In Traede navigate to App Store Shopify or WooCommerce
  2. Scroll down to the Fulfillment section and look for Shipping conversions
  3. Click Add new conversion
  4. Fill out From with the name of the Shipping method found in Shopify
  5. Now, fill out Shipmondo product code that is found in Shipmondo
  6. If you want to use the different services, fill out Shipmondo product services with the service code. Multiple services can be chosen if separated by a comma (don't use a space)
  7. Finally select a Carrier that matches the shipping method
  8. Click Save settings at the bottom of the page

It's important to create separate shipping methods for different countries and prices points. Otherwise, it's not possible to create the conversion in Traede to match the Shipmondo shipping codes.