Create B2B webshop navigation links

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Start by going to Settings Webshop Navigation

Click the +add button to create a new navigation link for your B2B webshop


  • Title - Title of your navigation link 
  • What should it display?*
    • Search - Normal product site (most common)
    • Page - If you have a webshop page (ie. About my company) you are able to link this to a navigation link in the shop
    • Top X bestseller - Show the top sellers of your products
    • File Bank - Link your Traede File Bank to a navigation link in your B2B webshop
    • Campaign PDF - Link to one of your Traede Campaign PDFs


  • Categories - Choose the categories for which product you would like to show in you navigation link
  • Subcategories - Only available if only ONE category is chosen above
  • Collections - Choose what collection(s) should be added to the navigation link
  • Subbrands - If you use subbrands on your products, you can use this as a filter for your navigation link
  • Product Groups - If you use product groups on your products, you can use this as a filter for your navigation link

Link viewable for

  • Viewable for customer groups* - If you like your navigation link to be only showed for a specific customer group of yours
    • Viewable for customer groups* - choose if the navigation link should be hidden or viewable for the above chosen customer group(s)
  • Viewable ONLY for drops - Choose if the navigation link should be viewable for only specific drops
  • Viewable ONLY for subbrand sessions

Display settings

  • Product Cards per Row - Control the number of products per row (recommended 4)
  • Product Cards Margin - Control the margin between product cards
  • Products should be sorted by their custom sort order - If you use a custom sort order on your products set a check mark here
  • Prevent users changing sort - Lock the sorting option on the navigation link 
  • Default sorting - Set the default sorting of the navigation link (ie. A-Z or Price Low - High)
  • Page description - Create a description for your navigation link (will be added in the top of the page of the navigation link in the B2B webshop

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