3. Setup checklist

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CHECK 1: Setting up correct VAT rate

If part of One Stop Shop VAT (above 10,000 EUR in EU countries per year)

Make sure you have added your VAT number to YOUR OWN COUNTRY under “European Union”. This tells Shopify that you are VAT registered in that country. It should look like the picture below (your VAT number in the grey area)


If NOT part of One Stop Shop VAT

Follow the previous step. Click “Change registration” and select “Micro-business excemption". This will ensure that Shopify will consider you below the 10,000 EUR limit



CHECK 2: Making sure there is VAT on Shipping

Under Settings → Taxes at the bottom of the page activate “Charge tax on shipping rates”


CHECK 3: Make sure prices are calculated incl tax

Under Settings → Taxes at the bottom of the page activate “All prices include tax”. You have to mark this if the prices entered in Shopify are incl tax. Most likely your rec retail price in Traede is incl tax which means it will also be incl tax in Shopify. In that case (which is the normal case) you have to activate this setting, otherwise Shopify will add additional tax on top of your prices


CHECK 4: Set primary location on your Shopify Shops in Traede to your default location in Shopify

In Traede, go to App Store → Shopify. Under each Shopify shop change “Primary location” to match your primary location in Shopify. This is best practice to always do, but extremely necessary if you have multiple locations in your Shopify (multiple warehouses or stores or similar)


CHECK 5: In Shopify make sure only the locations your customers to buy from are marked as fulfillable

In Shopify, go to Settings → Locations. (1) Make sure that correct default location is marked as default location. (2) If you have some locations, e.g. a store, that you do NOT wish to fulfil online orders from. Then uncheck “Fulfil online orders from this store”


CHECK 6: If fulfilling web orders from both POS and Default warehouse, check if payment gateway can support multiple captures

If you use POS and allow customers to buy an order that is BOTH fulfilled from your warehouse and POS then that order will be captured multiple times. Most payment gateways do not support this so this should be checked.


CHECK 7: In Shopify, make sure nothing is auto-fulfilled

In Shopify, go to Settings → Checkout. Make sure no items of the order is fulfilled. You should also NOT auto-fulfil gift cards since Traede will not import any orders that have already been fulfilled. Gift card orders should also be fulfilled by Traede so that correct accounting is made