Add a new product

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Fyi - This video is only going to focus on how to create a new product, not what the different things mean and how they work.

Products → Add products.

Now you add a name and an item number. Remember item numbers have to be unique for your brand. 

Now you can add categories, subcategories, and collections for the product.



Add your wholesale price and your recommended retail price. For adding a new currency pres add price. 



This is where we define the attributes that this product consists of - size color etc. 

When typing a color, a dropdown menu will appear with the different colors you have used till now. To add a new color, simply write the color you want and press enter. 

When adding a color TRAEDE will generate a color that matches the name, but it's not always right. So to change the color you simply press the color square and choose the color you want



You have the possibility to “skip inventory” for this product, this means that you will not have an inventory number on this product. For example a digital gift card or so. But in most cases, it’s not a good idea to skip inventory. 



It is possible to add images directly to the product. Simply drag the image in the grey box or open op “browse"download__4_.png


Add a description of the product if needed.


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