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This is where we narrow all the products down to different categories – e.g. Shoes, jeans, tops etc. We use categories mainly for B2B webshop to narrow it down for the customer.

In categories you also have Sub-Categories. This is an extra filter for the customer, so if you e.g. Go to Shoes you can have a subcategory for Flats and Heels.

Under “master data” you can add categories and sub-categories. 



You are able to add a brand to a product. This is a good tool if you have various brands in your portfolio and want the customer to jump between them.

This will work the same way as a subcategory and will look like the following in the webshop.


To add a Brand to a product, go to “Master Data” 



This Is where you filter down on each season. Some brands have multiple seasons. SS21, AW20, NOOS, etc. 

In “master Data” you can add the product to a specific collection. This will make it possible for the customer to navigate through the collections in the webshop. 


Product group

This is used a bit like categories but is not by default used for anything in Traede. 

You can use it for a random categorization that makes sense for you. For an example you could make a product group for ‘Black Friday’. This will give you the opportunity to add all the products you will put a discount on, in a group that the customer can navigate in. 



Used the same way as the product group. It is an opportunity to filter down the products for some reason. 

But with TAG, it is possible to synchronize with other systems for instance Shopify.