Introduction to sales prices

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Sales prices

Go to products → choose the product you want to change the sales price on → Sales prices. Here you can see all the prices on the different variants of the item. 

Choose the currency you want to change in the right corner 

Add a new currency

Settings → Sales settings → Pricing → Add currency → Choose the currency you want to add → Save. 

Now you can add prices with the new currency in sales prices. 

When you want to change/add the prices, you have to choose whether you want to change the price on every variant or only some of then. For this you need to use the checkboxes on the left side. In this example, you want to change the prices on every variant. 


Now you press the menu that pops up as follows. 


Now you press “set prices” and a box will pop up where you can choose what you want to change. 


You press the column that you want to change, enter the price you want and press save and now the updated price will be shown in the webshop. 

What does the different types of prices mean? 

WHS (wholesale price or sales price) is the price for B2B customers. 


Rec. sales price is the price that you recommend they are selling the products for. 

If you have a B2C-system connected with Traede, the rec. sales price is the one we synchronize to the B2C shop. 


Offer price – You can use this, if u want a variant or a product on temporary sale in the webshop. 

Press the variants that u want to change in the left corner (as before)  set prices  offer price  update. When this is done, the “Sales price” will be marked with red and temporarily changed to the offer price. When u want the normal price back, simply press “set prices” again and remove the offer prices. Now your products will be back to normal. 


B2C offer price – A offer price only for your B2C customers if you have a B2C shop. You change this the same way as the normal offer price.