Anatomy of a product

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Also referred to as the model - can have multiple colors, sizes, and more. Individual sizes and colors are called variants.

In Traede, color and size are known as attributes. Attributes can be everything you want them to be, which defines a product's variant.



SKUs are really important in Traede. 

  • SKUs are a way to track the individual variants of a product.
  • SKUs are required in Traede.

SKUs are the identity of every product → Variant in your product list. Every one of these has to have a unique SKU. As you can see in the example, each size of the product has a unique SKU.



An EAN can also be referred to as a barcode – and is another way to identify a specific product → variant and like an SKU has to be unique. In Traede, an EAN is not required but in some cases, you should activate the EAN.


Item Number 

Item numbers are required In Traede and are an ID of the product. This is not allowed to be identical to another product. 


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