Setting up your first shipping method

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This article is about setting up your first shipping method for B2B. If you are interested in setting it up for B2C it's in one of the following articles - But we recommend that you watch this article first. 

First of all, go to app store → Shipments → Shipping methods.
Now we start by pressing “Add shipping method” to add a new shipping method. 
This is where we describe what the shipping method is. For example “DHL Express" 

Here you chose the carrier. In this example we choose DHL. This is important to choose, because Traede will create track&trace links for your customers, and for Traede to do this it needs to be selected which carrier there are used. 
If you miss a carrier in the carrier drop-down, please reach out to

Code type: 
In this article, we will only talk about the code type Manual. To know the other code types, please see the video “The different method code types" 
This code type means that we will try to fulfill this in Traede and will not push it to an external system like system transport.  
If you use this, 


Mode of transportation 

Order types: 

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