Scanning inventory

  • Updated

To find the stock count that you created, go to the inventory page on the scanner and click stock counts in the top right corner. 

Release of a stock count

Go to stock counts in Traede, open up the stock count that you created, and press “release stock count”. Now it should appear on the scanner when refreshing.

When opening the stock count on the scanner, it will be empty at the start. The product will appear as soon as you scan the product. Now you can see the product and on the right, there would be a count. This will increase when scanning the same product multiple times but can also be overwritten by pressing the number and manually telling the system what it should scan. 

When pressing save, you can start scanning another product. 

Recount a variant

Simply press the saved variant, and cancel the scan. Now you have to start over on this specific variant. This will not remove the variant entirely but will mark it with red instead. When the item is scanned again, it will overwrite the canceled scan. 

To see in Traede what has been scanned, click “view scans” and now you are able to see all the different scans that have been made. 

It’s possible to do manual adjustment in Traede by going to “view scans” and press “make manual adjustment” This will give you the right to increase or decrease products manually afterward.