Creating a stock count

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A stock count is a method you can use to count your inventory. This will give you a clear view of what you actually have in stock.

For a start, you go to inventory → Stock count → Create a new stock count. 

Label: What do you want this stock count to be called. 
Example: January stock count

Inventory location: Which inventory location do you want to count. 
Example: In stock

Notes: Custom text field, where you could give notes to the people that will count the chosen items.


Now the stock count is created and you are ready to add some products. 
To do this go to: 


And now you have to add a filter for the products you want to add. 


Now you’ve added the product that you want to make a stock count for. 

When the product has been added it will show how many variants the product has and the expected count. The expected count means what you have in your inventory - What should the counted amount be.

Counted means what has been counted so far and the DIFF means the difference between expected count and counted. 

furthermore, the progress will show you how far you are in the counting from 0-100% based on variants. 

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