Adding B2B shipping methods

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In order to use the Shipmondo integration in Traede, we need to create shipping methods that correlate to the ones in Shipmondo. Basically, we need to "copy" the data from Shipmondo and paste it into Traede.

Find the data in Shipmondo

The first part is to find the different shipping data in Shipmondo. So start by logging in to your Shipmondo account. And follow the steps below.

  1. In Shipmondo choose Settings → API Product and service overview
  2. Choose a sender and receiver country
  3. Select carrier for the shipping method you want to add
  4. And find the shipping method
  5. We need the Code of the shipment and Services if you want to add these

Create the shipping method in Traede

Once you have the data go back into Traede to add the new shipping method with the data from Shipmondo.

  1. Navigate to App Store Shipments Shipping methods
  2. Click on the button Add shipping method
  3. Write the name of the shipping method in the Label field
  4. Select the correct carrier in the dropdown
  5. For code type select Shipmondo
  6. Write the code you found in Shipmondo in the code field
  7. (Optional) You can add multiple services separated with commas in the service field
  8. Select the order types for where the shipment is usable
  9. Click Save