• Updated


  • Production order delivery note v.2 has been released for all brands
  • File bank v.2 has been released for all brands
  • Added support for the synchronization to Shopify of our newly released video function on products
  • Added a new layout option for documents to show product-level totals at the bottom
  • Added a quick toggle option for the order module. Learn more
  • Added a quick toggle option on production orders
  • Added default shipping method on a customer level
  • Added a new guide on B2C payments in Danish for better understanding of the subject
  • Added a new sorting option called "new arrivals" which shows what has most recently been received on a production order


  • Drops can now be activated for brands, agents, and customers individually
  • Creating a customer in Traede checks if the VAT number already exists on another customer
  • You can now update production orders and delivery notes using Excel. Learn more
  • Updated the product import to support updates to dropshipping on a product and variant level
  • The importer now supports the import of drop deliveries on products
  • We now always show the "register payment button" on prepayments even if you use remote payment registration

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