• Updated


  • Moved accounting settings to a separate settings section
  • Updated the Klaviyo integration with more synchronization options
  • You can now update the offer price and B2C offer price in pricing groups
  • Added sync. of variant custom fields to the Webshipper integration
  • You can now set up sizes for the warehouse labels you print in Traede
  • The ability to adjust inventory in the browser warehouse location level
  • Improved bulk claiming shipments which now process in the background with a progression bar at the top of the fulfillment dashboard


  • Added integration to Ellos marketplace
  • Added integration to Åhlens marketplace
  • Added sort order option to the order module
  • Added Traede's own printer client for the Shipmondo app. Learn more
  • Added a separate sorting feature for B2C product images
  • Added support for videos on products
  • Added weight and dimensions to products and variants