Syncing order history to Klaviyo

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TRAEDE can push your B2B customer's order history to Klaviyo.



  1. Go to App Store -> Klaviyo
  2. Activate "Sync orders"

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If you want you can trigger a full order history sync by going to Actions -> Queue order history push to Klaviyo

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How often is orders synchronized?

  1. TRAEDE will make a full sync order your order history once every night
  2. TRAEDE will synchronize new orders immediately as they are made


Which events are made

Important: Some events are used by Klaviyo to measure performance. Since you can have multiple B2B buyers in TRAEDE we therefore only trigger these events once per B2B customers. Other events are triggered for every B2B user on the B2B customer. Below is a rule of thumb on how to use them

  • Once per B2B customer events: Use these events to measure campaign performance. If a B2B customer has 2 B2B buyers then this event will only be registered on 1 email of the 2
  • Once for every email on B2B customer: Use these events to filter and segment. If you want to make a campaign for "Every B2B customer that has made an order within 10 days" then use the "Once for every email on B2B customer" event.


Event Description Once per B2B customer Once for every email on B2B customer
Placed Order  Made when a B2B order is placed Yes  
Placed Order By Company Made when a B2B order is placed   Yes
Ordered Product One event for every order line on a B2B order Yes  
Ordered Product By Company One event for every order line on a B2B order   Yes

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