Syncing product catalogue to Klaviyo

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TRAEDE can synchronize your products and variants to Klaviyo. This can be used for adding product blocks to your newsletters

TRAEDE will synchronize your products as Items in Klaviyo

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For every product we also synchronize all the variants of the product

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How to activate

  1. Go to App Store -> Klaviyo
  2. Activate "Sync products"
  3. Klaviyo products have a default price field. By default we will use your base currency in that price field. If you wan to change this behaviour set another currency in "Default currency"

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How to push products to Klaviyo

  1. Go to App Store -> Klaviyo
  2. Click "Actions"
  3. Click "Queue product push to Klaviyo"
  4. TRAEDE will now push all products to Klaviyo]


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