01 Install Delogue App

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Setup custom export in Delogue

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Go to Import/Export
  3. Go to Custom Export
  4. Click Add Custom Export
  5. Name it TRAEDE, set as Active and select WebService as Method
  6. Click the green checkmark button
  7. Click "Setup"
  8. Click "Get new API Key"
  9. Click "Copy API key to clipboard"
  10. Click Save

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Install App in TRAEDE

  1. Go to App Store -> Delogue
  2. Insert the API key copied in the previous step and click Install


Setup webhook

If you want to be able to push products directly from inside Delogue to TRAEDE you have to setup a webhook. To do this follow these steps

  1. Find a website to generate a password. We have used https://www.lastpass.com/features/password-generator
  2. Generate a password
  3. Inside the Delouge app in TRAEDE insert the password under "Webhook Secret". 
  4. Copy the URL written after "Webhook URL"
  5. Open Delogue in the Setup page of your custom export
  6. Insert the Webhook URL in "Service URL"
  7. Select "Token Authentication"
  8. Write "Authorization" in "HTTP Header name"
  9. Insert the "Webhook secret" in "Value"
  10. Click Save

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