Setting up employee discounts

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It's very normal for brands to allow employees of their B2B customers to buy pieces with an extra discount. It used to be very time consuming for agents to add these employee discount pieces on orders, but not any more! This guide will go through how to setup employee discount rates. To see how employee discounts are added to B2B orders please refer to our other guide on this topic


Adding employee discount

You can setup employee discount rates on 3 levels

  • A global rate that applies to all B2B customers
  • A country setting rate that applies to a specific country
  • A customer-specific rate that applies to a specific B2B customer

Setting up a global employee discount rate

Go to Settings -> Sales settings

Add the discount rate to "Default employee discount percentage"

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 14.31.45.png


Setting up a country-specific employee discount rate

Under country settings you can override the global employee discount rate by adding another percentage in "Employee discount percentage". Leaving this empty will fallback to the global rate


Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 14.32.34.png