How to setup claim reasons

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To properly set up claim reasons in your system, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "settings" menu in your application.

  2. Look for the "Claims" option and click on it

  3. Within the "Claims" section, you will find the option to add different types of issues that may arise when handling customer claims. These can include issues like damaged goods, incorrect orders, or billing discrepancies.

  4. Take the time to add all relevant claim reasons that align with your specific business needs. This step ensures that you can accurately categorize and track different types of claims.

Once you have set up the claim reasons, you can proceed to create a credit note.

While creating the credit note it's possible to choose "return" or "claim" - In this case, you'll need to choose "claim" 

This approach allows you to link the credit note to the appropriate claim reason, providing a clear reference for future analysis and reporting purposes.

To gain valuable insights and track the frequency or patterns of different claim reasons, you can generate a report specifically focused on claim reasons.

To access this report, simply navigate to the "reports" section of your application and choose "claims"