Make to order B2B and B2C (product level)

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This is a brief introduction to Make-to-Order (MTO) in the B2B and B2C contexts.

Make-to-order is a method that allows bypassing inventory limitations for a particular product. It means that the retailer or consumer can purchase more units than what is currently available in stock.

For example, let's say you have a product with 10 units in stock, and you enable the "make to order" option. This means that it's now possible to purchase more than 10 pieces, as the make-to-order feature is enabled. This approach is often used by brands that manufacture the product only when an order is placed.

We recommend caution when enabling the make-to-order feature for products, especially if you are not fully aware of its implications. However, there are situations where you may want to use this setting occasionally, especially when you aim to sell more of a product than what is currently in stock.

Moreover, it is also possible to enable or disable the make-to-order option for specific color variants of a product. You can find more information on this topic in the following video.

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