Introduction to commission report

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To generate a commission report, navigate to the "Reports" section and select "Commission Report." Click on "Create new report."

In this section, you can specify the start and end dates for the report, as well as select the agent for whom the report is intended. It's important to ensure that the agent is associated with the customer before their commission can be included in the report.

Once the report is created, it will provide an overview of both paid and unpaid invoices. You will be able to view detailed information about the invoice, order, and customer from which the agent is earning a commission. To understand the meaning of different columns, simply hover your mouse over the question mark icon next to the column titles.

It's worth noting that the same invoice may appear in both the "Paid Invoices" and "Unpaid Invoices" sections if only a portion of the invoice has been paid.

At the bottom of the report, you will find a summary displaying the total amounts for paid invoices, unpaid invoices, and the combined total.

Once you have reviewed the report and ensured its accuracy, you can proceed to close the report.