How to archive a backorder

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To remove a backorder and release the reserved products associated with a partially shipped order, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Sales section and click on "B2B orders."

  2. Locate the backorder you wish to modify from the overview and access its details by clicking on it.

  3. Ensure that the order is unlocked. If it's currently locked, unlock it before proceeding.

  4. Look for the "Status" field in the order details and change it to "Completed." This action indicates that the order has been fulfilled. (Note: Maybe this field is called Invoiced - This is just the order status that archives orders - If you are in doubt, reach out to support) 

  5. Although the products will still be displayed in the order for historical purposes, they have now been released, and the order will no longer appear in your order overview.

By completing these steps, you will effectively remove the backorder and release the reserved products, allowing them to be available for other orders.

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