Sendcloud integration


You can use the Sendcloud integration to book freight using their service directly from TRAEDE.



Step 1 is to go to your Sendcloud account and generate API keys. Go to Integrations and then select Sendcloud API. Give your integration a name, e.g. "TRAEDE", and then click Save. Copy your Public Key and Secret Key





Step 2 is to find the Sendcloud app in the TRAEDE app store. Insert your Public Key and Secret Key and click "Install"


Step 3 is to fill out basic information.

Select your Country of Origin field and HS Tariff code field



Setup a B2B shipping method

To create a B2B shipping method in TRAEDE go to App Store -> Shipments -> Shipping Methods. Click "Add new shipping method".

1. Select Sendcloud under "Code type"

2. The Sendcloud shipping method dropdown will appear. It contains shipping methods directly from your Sendcloud account. Select the chosen shipping method

3. It's recommended to also fill out Carrier

4. Fill out "Order types"




Setup auto printing of labels

Checkout our guide on the TRAEDE Printer Client to see how to setup our Printer Client in order print out labels, pick lists and delivery notes