Homerunner / Coolrunner integration

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You can use the Homerunner / Coolrunner integration to book freight using their service directly from TRAEDE.



Step 1 is to go to your Homerunner / Coolrunner account and find your username and API token. You can find this under "Integrationer" - "API Nøgler". Note it's the token written under "Token" that you need



Step 2 is to find the Coolrunner app in the TRAEDE app store. Insert your username and integration token and click "Install"



Step 3 is to fill out basic information.

Activate Push shipments, make sure "Create delivery notes in TRAEDE" is active (if you're using Pakkecenter Nord this should NOT be active). Fill out country of origin and tariff code mapping. Fill out sender att. 

The rest of the options is for when you want to use Coolrunner as a sync to a 3PL like Pakkecenter Nord.



Setup a B2B shipping method

When creating shipping methods for B2B shipments you need to find the shipping codes in Coolrunner. If you go to "Priser" you can find an overview of all your available shipping methods. If you hover a shipping method it will show you the code




So in this case if I want to send a business delivery with Bring I have to use the shipping code "bring_business_delivery". The next step is to set it up in TRAEDE


Go to App Store -> Shipments -> Shipping methods. Click "Add shipping method"

Make sure to set Code type to Coolrunner and then enter "bring_business_delivery" in the Code fiel




Setup auto printing of labels

Checkout our guide on the TRAEDE Printer Client to see how to setup our Printer Client in order print out labels, pick lists and delivery notes