Traede Printer Client

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The TRAEDE printer client can be used to auto-print pick lists, delivery notes and freight labels. It's a program you have running on your computer in your warehouse that connects TRAEDE to your warehouse printers



The first step is to install the printer client. Use the below links to download the printer client for your OS




The first step is to login to the printer client. You just use your normal email and password here.




Make sure you login on a computer that is actually connected to your printers.




If you have done everything correctly, then your computer should appear inside your printer settings. Make sure to check that everything has the label "Connected".


Setup pick lists + delivery notes

Find your normal A4 printer. Activate "Documents" on the printer and select A4 under Paper Size. If you want TRAEDE to auto print Pick lists or Delivery notes then activate those under "Auto Print"


Setup freight labels

Find the printer you use for freight labels. Activate "Labels" and select your label size under Paper Size. 


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