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Using order overviews you can easily generate an overview of what your customers have in backorder. The order overview can either be generated for a single order or multiple orders. This way your customer can easily see all the items they have in backorder


How the overview looks

The overview looks just like an order confirmation except that it includes many different orders in one document and it shows what is left to be invoiced (in backorder). This is a very easy way for your customer to see what they have in backorder.


Note that if you use drops the order overview is divided into sections by drop. It is recommended to add delivery dates to your drops, so that your customers can easily see approximately when the goods are arriving.



How to generate order overview

You have to options when generate an order overview

  1. You can generate the overview from inside the customer profile
  2. You can generate the overview from inside an order

Generate overview from inside the customer profile

Inside the customer profile in the top right corner click the button "Send backorder overview to customer"




Next select which orders you wish to include in the backorder overview (red box). Finally you can customize who should receive this overview (green box)




Generate overview from inside an order

We have also created a shortcut so you can generate an overview quickly from inside an order. On the right hand side click "Actions" and select "Generate backorder overview"



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