Common Fortnox sync errors

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Invoice sync errors

Kunde inte bokföra fakturanummer 30000330. Faktura som bokförs måste var klarmarkerad.

When "Book invoices" / "Book credit notes" in Fortnox and the Warehouse module is activated you need to activate that invoices are automatically marked as "Delivery done" in Fortnox. You can find this in your Fortnox Invoice settings under "Warehouse"

Note when changing this it will only work for new invoices being sent to Fortnox. Existing invoice drafts in Fortnox will have to be marked as Delivery done inside Fortnox manually


Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 10.21.45.png


Värdet tolkas som null

When booking invoices it means that a field that should not be empty is empty. If you are unable to find any empty fields, then it might be because OrganisationsNumber on the customer is empty instead of API_BLANK


Error in Doc. Exchange

If the log says:

"Ensure item number xxx ({"invoice_id":xxx})

Invoice data build. About to create invoice... ({"invoice_id":xxx})

Invoice data build. About to create Invoice... ({"invoice_id":xxx})

Värdet tolkas som null ({"invoice_id":xxx})"
Check if there are a billing email added to the customer card in Traede. If there aren't added a billing email, this chould be the reason why the sync can't go through.



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