Order selections (retailer guide)

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Video walkthrough


1. To see all your available selections open "My selections"



2. This will give you a list of all open selections. The brand decides if you have direct access to edit the selection in the B2B webshop. If it is not open for editing then the Edit Selection button will be locked. You will have to contact the brand and get them to open it, or make the changes for you.

3. If the selection is open for editing click "Edit selection"



4. You will now be taken to the brand's B2B webshop with the selection in the cart. You can now make changes to the selection as-if it was a normal webshop order.

5. Once you are done you can either Update and keep the selection as a selection by clicking "Save as selection". Or you can turn the selection into an order by clicking "APPROVE THE ORDER"

NOTE: The option "Save as selection" might not be available since brands can turn this off




View open selections from within the B2B webshop

1. You can also view all open selections in the B2B webshop under "Manage open orders"


2. You can also change to selections under "Manage open orders". This is the same as choosing "Edit Selection" from within "My selections"



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