Making orders using barcode scanner

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Video walkthrough


1. Start a new order or open an existing order

2. Click More actions -> Start scan mode to start scan mode



3. A pop-up will appear saying "Waiting for scans...". This means you are now ready to scan products



4. Start scanning barcodes. As you scan they will appear on the list. Scanning the same barcode twice just increases it's quantity by 1. This part does not require internet

5. Once you are done scanning Traede needs to find the barcodes in your catalogue. This part requires internet. If you do not have internet don't worry. The scans are saved on your computer (see more under "Restoring saved scans" further down). Click "Search for products" to look for the products



6. Traede will now look for the products in your catalogue. If you are creating an order with multiple drops you will need to specify which drop to add the products to. Once you are done click "Add products to order"



7. The products are now turned into lines on the order. Click "Save now" to save the lines


Restoring saved scans

Whenever you scan a barcode it is saved on your computer. This is to make the scanning process work when the internet connection is bad. If you have scans on your computer for an order and they are not saved on the order a warning will appear inside the order. Click "Resume scanning" to restore the scans and continue working on them