Receiving B2C returns on warehouse scanner

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B2C returns that are registered through the return portal can be received using the scanner. This guide assumes that you have used a service like Webshipper or Shipmondo to book the return freight. If the freight has been booked automatically through a freight integration in Traede then you can simply scan the return label in order to open the return on the warehouse scanner


Step 1: Go to the return area on the scanner



Step 2: Scan the barcode of the return label

Step 3: The return will now open on the scanner. Here you can change the returned quantity and causes. You can also leave internal notes to your team



Step 4: Click Create credit note to mark return as received and create credit note



Step 5: The credit note now has to be booked in Traede. You can also setup Traede to automatically book the credit notes under Sales settings



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