Setup integration to eAccounting / eEkonomi

A step-by-step guide on setting up the connection between your Traede account and you eAccounting or eEkonomi account

1. Go to the App Store in Traede and click the eAccounting app
2. Click Install
3. Choose your settings

a. Products

  • Sync products - Should be checked if you want to sync your product data from Traede to your ERP system
  • VAT Code name
    Shipping item number - the item number that all shipping cost should be registred on in your ERP system
  • Custom fields - Country of origin and Tariff code - Can be applied if you use such custom fields in Traede and want the information on orders to be synced to your ERP system

b. Customers

  • Sync customers - Should be checked if you want to sync your customers data from Traede to the ERP system
  • Validate that customer number's do not exist in eAccounting - will make sure that you do not re-use a customer number in Traede that is already taken in your ERP system

c. Inventory

  • Sync inventory from eAccounting - syncing your inventory level from your ERP system into Traede. It will sync your available stock

d. Orders

  • Push B2B orders - choose if you what to automatically sync new orders created in Traede to your ERP system
  • Do NOT push B2B orders is rules match - If you are creating pre-orders in Traede you are able to create a rule that makes sure that orders with a specific order type aren't synced to your ERP automatically. 
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Last step is to authenticate your eAccounting / eEkonomi account 

1. Click the button Authenticate eAccounting

2. Login to your ERP

Your Traede account and your ERP are now connected